Engage the crowd before, during and after the event.

Effectively engaging your audience goes beyond promoting an event and selling tickets. PeopleVine is a proven, multi-faceted, integrated platform that will help you engage your audience and keep the excitement going. Every TouchPoint created will exponentially grow your understanding of your guests and fans by collecting more actionable data than you've ever had, allowing you to continuously optimize your marketing and keep the house packed.

Enhance the game time fan experience.

PeopleVine allows you to push real-time communications during game time to your fans via mobile phones, social media channels and your website.
  • Send surveys via SMS to the stands after a tough call is made.
  • Publish fan opinions on Facebook and Twitter to gain followers and allow them to interact.
  • Offer deals to promote merchandise and concession sales.

Turn ticket sales into Loyalty.

When you sell tickets using PeopleVine or integrate your sales data from another ticketing service, each sale turns into a profile for that fan in your CRM. Once a fan is in your CRM you can track every interaction they have and push them relevant offers, coupons or event announcements.

Extend the experience beyond the game.

PeopleVine provides the ultimate toolset for interacting with your fans and keeping the excitement going beyond the event. Our suite of tools allows you to post updates on your website about players and coaches, and provides ways for your fans to interact between games.
  • Run competitions for fans to vote on their favorite players using the PeopleVine Survey tool, and publish results right on your site.
  • Automate posts to your social media pages so fans get constant updates between games and stay engaged.
  • Automate email blasts for upcoming games and events with the ability to buy tickets right online.

Increase advertisement revenue.

With fan profiles and a suite of tools to interact with them, PeopleVine can be used to enhance your offerings to external advertisers.
  • Drive traffic to local establishments by pushing coupon offers to a captive audience.
  • Target specific demographics with relevant offers and promotions.
  • Share statistics with your advertisers to show them how many people saw their message, and how many took action!
Start today!

PeopleVine has the power to engage fans, convert leads, automate marketing and create loyalty.

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