Continually engage your customers with automated marketing based on actions or sequences.

Send a follow-up message after an action, a coupon when a survey is completed or request a review after a visit or purchase.

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Stay on track.

With every action a person takes, an automated response will send a message to keep them engaged and informed.

Control the order and timing of your marketing campaign.

With integrated products, manage all parts of your efforts. Automate the use of TouchPoints to keep people engaged.

Synchronize your actions to have a deliberate process.

Allow people to enter your automated marketing streams harmoniously. Each TouchPoint will follow the person in the exact order you set up.

Campaigns Features

  • Integration with newsletters, email and social media to create a unified strategy

  • Control the order and timing of all campaign items

  • Automated responses available to send with every module

  • Order and control over campaign communication throughout the customer lifecycle

  • Full campaign tracking in real-time

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