Loyalty & Rewards

Reward each TouchPoint to build deeper relationships to retain more customers.

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Track a customer’s activity and reward for continued interaction.

Have control over what and who is rewarded.

Build a point system for a market place.

Manage the fulfillment process for physical products based on points.

Know your people better.

Learn more about who your customer is and how they engage with you to build a stronger profile. Send targeted communication to drive more sales.

Loyalty & Rewards Features

  • Tracking on every interaction

  • Control over who and what is rewarded

  • Rewarded points easily managed

  • Fulfillment process for physical products based on points

  • Reward redemption tracking

  • Rewards based on all PeopleVine marketing efforts

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PeopleVine has the power to engage people, convert leads, automate marketing and create loyalty. Work smarter and let PeopleVine inspire your growth.

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