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Create an organic marketing effort when customers share feedback with their friends.

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Capture feedback to gain a better understanding of your base.

Then encourage users to share their enthusiasm with their friends through social media, increasing your brand exposure and capitalizing on user-generated content.

Collect real-time feedback from customers and respond quickly.

Share positive reviews on any website, landing page and social media channel. When you receive a bad review, send a coupon, text or email to retain that person.

Understand your customers through instant feedback.

Our real-time reporting lets you see how a product or service is received. Add each review to individual PeopleVine profiles for a future targeted marketing.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing website.

This gives you the ability to share product reviews among your customers and to empower your community to engage more.

Ratings & Reviews Features

  • All customer feedback captured and added to profiles

  • One-click links to share on social media

  • Real-time feedback

  • Seamless integration with other websites

  • Easily available for public use

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