A new era in restaurant marketing technology.

The restaurant industry is one of the most hype-competitive markets out there. Not only do you need to get people in the door, you need to deliver an experience that will keep them coming back again and again. With the growth in popularity of online review sites and social media, keeping your establishment top of mind is an increasingly difficult battle. PeopleVine has 16 tools in one all-inclusive integrated platform that will help you automate your marketing and increase TouchPoints with your customers and prospective diners. Every TouchPoint created will build a growing profile for each customer with actionable data, allowing you to personalize your marketing and maximize your efforts.

Build relationships.

PeopleVine helps you build relationships with your customers by centralizing data on every TouchPoint you have with them, allowing you to cater to their needs and preferences. Every survey completed, review submitted or coupon redeemed through PeopleVine’s platform gives you valuable insight on their likes and dislikes, enabling you to take action and improve their relationship with your establishment.
  • Offer mobile coupons for completing a survey that caters to the responses provided.
  • Follow-up with a new offer when one is redeemed to keep them coming back.
  • Notify via Email and SMS when a promotion matching their profile is running and remind them as it nears expiration.

Turn loyalty into evangelism.

With PeopleVine, you can easily identify which customers are actively engaged with your establishment and reward them for every interaction, not just when they make a purchase. PeopleVine equips your business with a turnkey loyalty platform that allows you to incentivize your new and existing customers in ways that will get talked about!
  • Reward customers for more than purchases, such as every time they open your newsletter, complete a survey or sign-up for an event.
  • Use PeopleVine Contests to entice customers to interact with your business and spur up healthy competition between guests.

Social media made easy.

PeopleVine allows you to schedule automated posts to Facebook and Twitter so you can stay top of mind, building your following.
  • Schedule sequential announcements leading up to an event or promotion.
  • Automate posting coupons and offers during key hours of the day to incentivize guests to come to your establishment above others.
  • Track effectiveness of your posts by knowing which generated more TouchPoints.

Automate marketing, increase activity.

PeopleVine Campaigns allow you to create custom workflows to automate the next step after a customer takes action.
  • Every coupon redeemed can send a survey or review request.
  • Completed surveys and reviews can send a new coupon or special promotion.
  • Promotion expiration dates can trigger SMS and Email reminders.
  • Expired promotions can trigger announcements for the next deal.
Start today!

PeopleVine has the power to engage people, convert leads, automate marketing and create loyalty. Work smarter and let PeopleVine inspire your growth.

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