An innovative toolset to engage today's consumer.

The internet has changed the consumer shopping experience, forever. Price transparency has created tighter margins, consumers are more educated on the products they are buying and expectations in service and value are increasingly higher. This requires new tactics to build confidence with potential buyers. PeopleVine has 16 tools in one all-inclusive integrated platform that will help you automate your marketing, adapt to the market and increase TouchPoints with your current customers and prospective buyers. Connect in new ways with consumers to not only capture a sale but achieve repeat business by building loyalty with your brand.

Attract shoppers beyond advertisement.

In today’s marketplace, advertising is not enough. PeopleVine’s tools enable you to incentivize shoppers to engage with your business, allowing you an opportunity to convert a shopper into a buyer.

  • Create contests that reward shoppers with coupons or special promotions.
  • Use surveys to gain valuable insights and deliver catered deals.
  • Automate social media posts to increase your brand awareness.
  • Create landing pages that speak to a particular demographic featuring targeted products and promotions.

Convert shoppers to buyers.

Once you have their attention, PeopleVine provides all the tools you need to drive them to your store and make a purchase.

  • Simplify finding your nearest location with PeopleVine’s Locator and business directory.
  • Create special events and send tickets directly to a shopper’s mobile device or email.
  • Provide enhanced content online to educate shoppers about your products, helping with their buying decisions.

Create loyal customers.

PeopleVine helps you retain buyers to become loyal customers by providing you tools to keep them continuously engaged through automated personalized incentives and turnkey membership programs.

  • Automate marketing using Emails and SMS with targeted promotions based on previous TouchPoints with your business.
  • Create Membership programs with branded cards and tie to discounts or loyalty programs.
  • Generate surveys to allow for constant customer input so that you can respond with action to improve their overall experience.

Automate marketing, increase activity.

PeopleVine Campaigns allow you to create custom workflows to automate the next step after a customer takes action.

  • Every coupon redeemed can send a survey or review request.
  • Completed surveys and reviews can send a new coupon or special promotion.
  • Promotion expiration dates can trigger SMS and Email reminders.
  • Expired promotions can trigger announcements for the next deal.
Start today!

PeopleVine has the power to engage people, convert leads, automate marketing and create loyalty. Work smarter and let PeopleVine inspire your growth.

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