Extending Out Our Business

Superior Corp. is a successful Chicago-area installation firm, and a trusted Home Depot partner. Ambitious to take their business to the next level, Superior Corp. uses PeopleVine to streamline their marketing and communication to consumers, providing tools for their internal employees and outside agents to reach new clients, convert leads and develop loyalty.

Capturing Leads

One key metric is client satisfaction, and drives the culture of Superior Corp. PeopleVine allows them to get real-time feedback on their work using surveys. Automated responses and routing feedback to the appropriate manager allows Superior Corp. to be on top of ongoing projects, allowing for repeat business and driving referrals by satisfied customers.

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Committed to quality, Superior Corp. doesn't participate in standard mass marketing efforts. Harnessing the power of the PeopleVine platform, Superior Corp. tactically engages their leads and previous clients with our Newsletter and Content modules, providing communication to consumers that is relevant.

With PeopleVine, Superior Corp.:

  • Drives traffic to specific, relevant content

  • Blogs about useful and topical issues in the industry

  • Rewards customers with dynamic offers using Coupons

Visit SuperiorCorp.net

See how Superior has expanded their existing web site by leveraging the powerful tools of PeopleVine and perhaps you need to re-paint your house?

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