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Sales Material

  • Brief Overview Deck

    This provides a brief overview of our platform and some case studies that stand out.

    Download Deck
  • Full Capabilities Deck

    This is a detailed deck with all of our platform and team capabilities including 8+ case studies.

    Download Deck
  • Material

    Find our logo, sales sheets and more to help you sell the PeopleVine platform.

    View Now
  • Rate Card

    Our published rates for working on projects, consulting, client services, development and more.  We can also provide fixed bid or hourly.

    Rate Card
  • SOW Template

    If you're sending a proposal to a client, feel free to use our statement of work template to draft up the pricing and agreement.  We must review first.

    SOW Template
  • License Agreement

    Our license agreement can be accepted online by directing your clients to https://peoplevine.com/go.  This would require them to upload a signed SOW.

  • Referral Agreement

    This document contains details on becoming a PeopleVine referral partner and links to material to begin to understand the platform’s capabilities.

  • Partner Agreement

    This document contains details on becoming a PeopleVine partner and links to material to begin to understand the platform’s capabilities


Feature/Vertical Specific Decks

  • Image


    PeopleVine for Workspaces provides a complete solution for member management at co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators.  A single platform to operate the entire experience.

    Download Deck
  • Image


    Engage with people through the most interactive contest engine available.  PeopleVine Contests enables  you to launch scratch off and win contests, loyalty leaderboards, spin the wheel and sweepstakes to build your customer profiles.

    Download Deck
  • Image


    With the most advanced loyalty capabilities out there, we can help you increase engagement by rewarding people in real-time for over 35 touchpoints.

    Download Deck
  • Image


    Run your events with the most cost effective and comprehensive platform available.  With PeopleVine Events, you can sell ticktes to upcoming events, run your entire event calendar and more.

    Download Deck
  • Image


    Send personalized and time-sensitive offers to your customers and keep it 100% digital.  Offers come with a variety of settings for complete control over redemptions, downloads and more.

    Download Deck
  • Image


    The most advanced membership management platform comes enhanced with digital IDs that can sit on the user's phone.  Coupled with our recurring billing, member portal and more!

    Download Deck

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