Events - Out of the Box Page

When you add an event to your event calendar, it will automatically be displayed on your /events page on your website.  The Events Page is designed to always show the latest events (based on end time) and the past events to share photos.

You can leverage our out of the box page or use HAPI to create your own custom page (see below for sample). 

Follow these steps to customize this page:

  1. The top of the events page is setup to display both the ad banner rotator and the category graphic/text.
    • To assign the rotator:
      • In the Control Panel go to Engage > Content > Banner Rotators.
      • Set the Rotator Type to Banner Rotator
      • Select On the Events Page to Promote Upcoming Events
      • Setup your banner.  It will now automatically display on this page based on date/time.
    • To display the category graphic/text:
      • In the Control Panel go to the company menu and click on Categories.  
      • Add a new category for the Events component.
      • Now customize the text and graphics to display.
      • If you add sub categories, the navigation will update as well.
      • Now assign the events to this category.
      • You can now access these events and the category header by going to /events?category_no=###.

  2. This is where your events will auto-populate on the page.  It will tile out the upcoming events first.

  3. You can add additional events to show up on your events calendar by going to Sell > Events > New Event.

  4. There are two views for the event calendar, a Grid View (seen above) and a Calendar View (available via /events?type=calendar).

  5. As an event completes (based on the end-time) it will automatically add itself to the Past Events section.
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