Setup UPS as your Shipping Provider

Within eCommerce Settings you have the ability to add your UPS shipping account for real-time shipping pricing from UPS.  Follow these steps to set it up:



  1. Go to to get started with setting up your account
  2. Login to your UPS account (step 2)
  3. Click on Request an Access Key (step 5)
  4. Fill in your info and select your shipper account.  If you get an error to enter all highlighted info, click Edit next to Primary Contact Info and then submit to continue.
  5. Take note of the access key they provide.


In PeopleVine

  1. Go to Sell / Commerce / Commerce Settings
  2. Check one of the UPS shipping options and the system will prompt you for your UPS username, password, account number and the newly generated API key.
  3. Click on update settings
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