Getting Started with PeopleVine for Incubators

This document provides an overview on what you should setup in PeopleVine as you use it for your incubator / shared working space.  If you have any questions, please visit


Configure PeopleVine for first use

PeopleVine will take you through the initial steps with setting up your company.  For best experience, we recommend that you work with our client services team (or partner) to setup your page layout and branding.

  1. Setup your company profile by clicking on the company menu and click on Company Profile under Settings and Tools (you must have admin access).
    The company profile contains general information about your company that is used throughout your consumer facing web site and other settings.
  2. Setup your domain name (visit this tutorial for more info) by clicking on the company menu and click on Domain Names under URLs & Domains.
    By default we provide you with access to a temporary domain name such as, which can be used for testing. However, we recommend you setup a custom domain name, such as to keep things consistent with your brand.
  3. Setup your users by clicking on the company menu and click on Manage Users (you must have admin access).
    Work with your team in PeopleVine to create the best experience all around. We make it easy to invite your team by adding their name, email address and select their permissions.  We’ll take care of the rest.
  4. Setup your page layout by going to the Engage menu click on New Page Layout under Layouts and Templates.
    We believe in a branded and consistent experience for your members, with our page layouts, you can mimic your existing website to ensure your members have a seamless experience. Make sure you keep this updated so your website and your PeopleVine portal are kept in sync.


Setup your CRM to ensure you’re capturing the right info when adding people to the CRM

When adding people to your CRM, you can attach attributes and capture relevant data to improve your segmentation and personalized marketing.  As a business, you should leverage the data that is most relevant to how you operate.  Keep in mind, every interaction in PeopleVine allows you to further understand your people.


  1. Create a new survey by visiting the Engage menu and click on New Survey under surveys. You can then choose to assign it to the CRM in the Control Panel
  2. Create a new survey that you want to use for member registration

We recommend you create a new survey for room reservations, office hours, workshops and events which allows you to capture additional information as people engage.


Setup your billing services

If you are using PeopleVine for billing your customers, follow these steps to configure billing in the system.

  1. Check out this article to learn more about the supported payment options in PeopleVine. This is required if you’re going to accept payments in our platform.
  2. Once you’re setup to accept payments, you will need to setup the billing services.
  3. If you're not charging for your membership, then you do not need to setup the service. Just go directly to setup the free charge setting in the membership types.
  4. Create a new billing service with your frequency settings, payment options and more.
  5. Now that this service is setup, you will need this for setting up the membership billing.


Setup your membership types

After you’ve setup your billing service, you can now attach them to the membership.  This will ensure that in order for the membership to stay active, your user must pay their bill.  PeopleVine provides you with the entire portal and tools to register new users and for them to manage their billing information.

Follow these steps to setup your memberships:

  1. Setup a new membership rewards program under the Rewards menu and Memberships.
  2. We recommend you attach a survey/form which allows you to capture more info about your member before they register.
  3. Select the option “A member must subscribe to this membership.” And you can then connect the service that would be used for billing.
  4. Lastly if you’re going to import members from an existing system, setup a membership sku which you can reference/map during your import.

As with every tool in PeopleVine, we provide you with additional options to customize the experience.  We ensure the best options are already selected by default, but we recommend you select the right settings for your experience.


Setup your available rooms

By leveraging our Reservations engine (under Schedulers) you can setup an online and mobile-friendly system for people to reserve anything from a room to a projector.  Follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Setup a new room under the Sell menu and Schedulers. It will select “Online Calendar” by default, which allows people to book any available time slot.
  2. Configure the settings as needed for your booking engine.
  3. In step 2, make sure you set that only members can book this room (look for “Who can book a time slot with this scheduler” and select members). You will then be prompted to select which member types have access.
  4. Once completed, you will be taken to setup the time availability. Here you can select the dates and times where people can book the room/resource.  We will automatically setup the appropriate time slots based on your settings.

As with everything in PeopleVine we recommend you separate your items into categories.  This allows you to build out a more in-depth room scheduler where people can see multiple rooms.  Follow these steps to set this up:

  1. To setup a category, click on the company menu and click on categories.
  2. Click on Create a New Category
  3. In this case you will select the component appointments. This will then display the category when setting up a reservation.  (please note once this is created you may want to go back and edit your schedulers).
  4. Once you create the category, we will provide you with the URL to then display all room reservations or all appointment schedulers.

Available rooms can be found at


Setup your office hours

Office hours work similar to the room reservation engine, but instead of selecting the available timeframes, you would select the exact slots that are available for booking.  There are also other unique options for both appointments and reservation experiences.  Follow these steps to get started with setting up office hours:

  1. Under the Sell menu and Schedulers, select Setup an Appointment Scheduler.
  2. Configure the settings you need for this scheduler including the membership levels that have access.
  3. We also recommend you apply a category which will provide for a better user experience when finding availability.
  4. Lastly, you can assign a directory profile/business to the scheduler which would 1) send an email notification to the mentor and 2) allow a mentor to view their availability, appointments and even cancel slots. See the steps below on how to setup a mentor in the directory.
  5. Once setup you will be taken to a screen to setup the mentor’s availability. Use this page to setup availability on frequent basis, total availability, fees and more. The first step is selecting the date that your scheduler will be available to start booking rooms. The second step is to set the general rules of this scheduler. Initially, only Monday with default time slots are visible, but if you would like (for example) for the availability of the scheduler to be Monday - Friday, simply slick on "+ Add another time slot" and you will be able to set up the available time slots for each following day. 

We recommend you setup your mentors in the business directory in order to provide more management features for the mentor.  Follow these steps to set it up and make sure you come back to assign them to the scheduler.

  1. Before you get started, make sure the mentor is already setup in your CRM. This will then tie their My Account access to the mentor profile where they can then control their office hours.
  2. Under the Sell menu click on New Business/Brand under Directory.
  3. Fill out the blanks and ensure you include their e-mail address (this is how they get notifications when someone books a time with them) along with assigning the contact CRM record.
  4. Once these are setup, the mentor can now edit their own profile.

A grid of available mentors can be found at


Setup your events

PeopleVine provides you with a robust platform for allowing online registrations, selling tickets online, RSVP and so much more.  Best of all there’s no transaction fees for your customers and no additional fees for you aside for touchpoints and your merchant processing percentage/fees.

To setup an event, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Sell menu and under Events click on New Event.
  2. Fill out the settings appropriate for this event.
  3. If you would like to sell tickets, you can choose either General Admission or Sell Tickets. If you select Sell Tickets, you will be routed to setup your available tickets on the next screen.
  4. You can also select to display events only to active members under the privacy settings.

Since both workshops and events leverage the same engine, we recommend you adding a category to the events.

An event calendar is now available on your website at


Setup your workshops

Workshops are identical to events, but by applying a category to the event as you create it, you can then segment them out for your users.  Also since workshops are typically internal only, you can set the privacy settings to be visible to active members only.


Setup your member directory

The member directory allows you to list out all your mentors, members, partners and more, while leveraging our categories and filters to display only what’s relevant based on the link provided.  The first step is to setup the business attributes which allow people to build out their own profiles.  To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Under the company menu, click on attributes.
  2. When setting up the attribute, assign it to the Business Directory.
  3. Select the appropriate settings and enter the appropriate values. This is where you have control over what’s searchable, what’s editable by the business, etc.

These attributes can now be leveraged to build out their profile while also allowing people to filter for exact matches.

Once the attributes are setup, you can start to add new businesses by following these steps:

  1. Under the Sell menu click on New Business/Brand under Directory.
  2. Fill out the blanks and ensure you include their e-mail address (this is how they get notifications when someone contacts them) along with assigning the contact CRM record.
  3. Once these are setup, the person can now edit their business profile.

As with everything, we recommend you leverage categories to segment out results.

You can access the directory at


Setup your Application

By combining both surveys and content pages within our Survey Group engine, you can enable members to apply online before accepting new members.  Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Setup the necessary survey(s) to accept responses for your application.
  2. Setup the necessary content page(s) to provide additional detail to applicants.
  3. Go to Engage and then New Survey Group under surveys.

After linking the surveys and content pages, you will be presented with a URL for people to complete their application online.


Setup your new Member Links

Now that we’ve setup all the experiences for your members, it’s time you setup the navigation on your site.  Here are a few samples on how to set this up, keeping in mind PeopleVine will provide you with the URLs for the unique experiences.  We’ve also highlighted the /url under each section above.

You can leverage either cookies or a CSS class to show or hide links depending if the user is logged in or not.  Use the css class hideUnAuthenticated to hide menu options if they’re not logged in or use hideAuthenticated to hide if they are logged in.

Here’s an example of how to setup your menus:

<div class="hideUnAuthenticated">
    <a class="" href="/logout">Logout</a>

<div class="hideUnAuthenticated">
    <a class="" href="/account">My Account</a>
    <ul class="member-pages">
        <li><a href="/events?category_no=0&amp;type=calendar" title="Workshops">Workshops</a></li>
        <li><a href="/directory/listing?category_no=0" title="Directory">Directory</a></li>
        <li><a href="/reservation" title="Room Reservations">Room Reservations</a></li>
        <li><a href="/appointments" title="Office Hours">Office Hours</a></li>
        <li><a href="/account" title="My Account">My Account</a></li>

Some other shortcut URLs include:

  • /account for My Account
  • /login to Login, upon logging in it will send you back to where you came from
  • /logout to Logout
  • /events for Events
  • /reservation for Room Reservations
  • /appointments for Scheduling an appointment
  • /directory for a map based directory
  • /directory/listing for a grid based directory


Setup the My Account Snippet

When your members login to their account (accessible via it will auto populate content based on how they interact with your company.  But you also have the ability to add custom content snippets (e.g. buttons, upcoming events, etc.) by following these steps.


Best Practices

After setting up each item in PeopleVine, make sure you click on Notify Me (found on the menu of each item) to get notified when someone interacts.  Alternatively click on your “Hello, Name” link and click on View Alerts to enable global notifications.

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