Step by Step - Setting up an Affiliate account

This tutorial will walk you through setting up an affiliate account so they can start to earn commission on their referrals.  Follow these steps:


  1. Login to your PeopleVine account
  2. We recommend you setup an Affiliate Program first which enables self-service and presets settings when adding a new affiliate:
    1. Go to Sell / Directory / Create an Affiliate Program
    2. Complete the details and settings for this affiliate program
    3. Once completed, you will be given a URL for people to do a self signup via your web site.
  3. Now you can add the affiliate
    1. Search for the affiliate contact (in your CRM) or you can click to create a new one
    2. Select the affiliate program you just created and it will pre-populate the data
    3. You can edit the general settings or leave blank and PeopleVine will automatically generate this
    4. Click Create Now
  4. The person is now setup as an affiliate in the platform and can start earning money.

Now when they login to their account at, they will see a link that says My Affiliate where they can obtain their link and view commission payouts/status.


When an affiliate shares their URL, we will track the CRM contact they referred, the subscription the person signed up with and any additional transactions associated with the affiliate (including recurring billing, event tickets and ecommerce orders).

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