Setup Membership Cards that Pop Up when Member is Nearby

By combining the PeopleVine Directory and PeopleVine Memberships, you can ensure that membership cards pop-up on the member's phone when they're nearby.  To set this up, follow these directions:

  1. Add locations to the directory
    1. In PeopleVine go to Sell > Directory and add a new business location
    2. Add the company information
    3. Add the locations this company has (it's important to include the full address, so we can leverage the geo-location for popping up the membership card).

  2. Setup the membership
    1. In PeopleVine go to Reward > Memberships and add a new membership program
    2. Add the details to the membership
    3. PeopleVine will generate a URL for your members to register online
    4. Once they download and add to Apple Wallet or Pass Wallet on Android, it will automatically pop-up when nearby the location

For a more detailed step-by-step to setup your membership program check out this tutorial.

Now that your membership card is setup and ready for people to subscribe, you may want to add some additional features, such as:

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