Sync Inventory Between Systems

With everything in PeopleVine, you can leverage our API and Web Hooks for real-time integration between other systems.  However, in lieu of having a developer on staff, we allow you to update inventory via a data import.  To import, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have a CSV setup with the product, inventory, cost, etc.
  2. Go to the Company Tools and click on Import Data
  3. Select the eCommerce Inventory data set and attach your file
  4. Map the fields that you would like to adjust.  Please note, when updating a product, we will only update the stock and cost.
  5. Click Import

The system will automatically update the inventory accordingly.

When importing, you can import based on the product_no or the product_sku value.  As well you can choose to set the inventory level to a specific quantity or adjust the current inventory with your new quantity.

If the item is not in stock, then make sure you set the inventory type to "on order" vs. "in hand".

Also if you'd like to setup a low inventory notification to the warehouse, you need to include the inventory_location_no and set the inventory_threshold.

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