Supporting state and fulfillment center tax rates

PeopleVine provides an engine to support both state level taxes as well as fulfillment center tax rates.  Below is detailed information on how to set this up and how the tax rates are calculated:

We support tax rates per state by updating your Commerce Settings.  Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sell > Commerce > Commerce Settings
  2. Select the states that you charge tax in and enter the rate for that state.

If you ship from an "origin-based" tax state, then you will need to enable tax for all states and apply your state's tax.  If you ship from a "destination-based" tax state, then you will only need to enter your state and tax rate in the table.

We also support special tax rates for products.  These product tax rates take precedence over state taxes.  So for example if your state tax is 9% but your product tax is 4%, then your customer will be charged 4% for that state.  To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sell > Products
  2. Find the product (or create a new product) that you want to apply this tax rate to.
  3. Set the product tax rate

if you support multiple fulfillment centers, you can set a tax rate for a warehouse location and automatically apply that tax rate to all products currently stocked at that location.  If the product is in multiple locations, then only one tax rate can be applied.

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