How to Add Google Analytics and other tracking tags to all your pages.

PeopleVine is able to apply any common JS, code snippet, etc. to all pages within the platform by leveraging Page Layouts.  A Page Layout is a wrapper that wraps all of the out of the box pages within PeopleVine.

To add Google Analytics or other tracking tags to your web site, follow these steps:

  • Go to Engage --> Layouts & Templates --> Page Layouts
  • Click edit next to the page layout you want to add this to. 
    Note: Your Default page layout is applied to every out of the box PeopleVine page automatically, so adding your code snippet here will apply to OOTB pages.

  • Copy and paste your code snippet directly in the Head Data/Meta Data or at the bottom of the Layout Footer
  • PeopleVine will now make sure that it's loaded on every out of the box page.
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