Setup an SSL Connection For Your Orders & Transactions

PeopleVine provides free access to an SSL certificate for processing transactions within the platform by following these directions:

  1. Log in to the PeopleVine Control Panel
  2. Go to Tools --> Create a Domain Name
  3. To use an out of the box SSL certificate, register a new domain such as or to use a custom SSL certificate enter (please note additional fees may apply and you need to e-mail the request to
  4. Check the box Enable SSL to work from this alias.
  5. Your domain can now be accessed via

Now that an SSL alias is setup, you need to update all references to /checkout.aspx and/or /transaction.aspx to be prefixed with your new SSL URL.  For example you would use the URL


In order for an SSL connection to work properly, you must ensure that any files you are linking to are located at an https:// path. Alternatively if you are using the PeopleVine CDN, our platform will automatically update the files accordingly.

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