Automating engagement through triggers

PeopleVine enables you to trigger specific features based on customer actions.

For example: When someone books an appointment on your website, you can have a newsletter emailed to them, a notification texted to them, or points rewarded to their membership. All fully automated by our platform.



When someone joins a membership.
When someone downloads a coupon.
When someone redeems a coupon.
When someone's subscription is reactivated.
When someone completes a survey or form.
When someone posts a review.
When someone registers for an event.
When someone purchases tickets for an event.
When someone's subscription to a service is renewed.
When someone's subscription to a membership is renewed.
When a new customer registers or is added.
When someone joins a loyalty program.
When someone generates a quote.
When someone places an order.
When someone attempts to place an order, but fails.
When credits are issued to someone.
When credits are re-issued to someone upon a subscription renewal.
When someone uses all their credits.
When someone redeems their loyalty points.
When someone books an appointment.
When someone books a specific appointment slot.
When someone subscribes to a services or membership.
When someone enters a contest.
When someone checks in with their membership.
When someone's membership is reactivated.
When someone attends an event.
When someone views a page on your web site.
When somoene views a business profile.
When someone views a business location.
When somenoe reads a newsletter.
When someone clicks a link on a newsletter.
When someone is rewarded loyalty points.
When someone's loyalty points are updated to confirmed.
When someone sends you a message.
When a newsletter is sent.
When a newsletter is sent to an individual.
When someone posts a matching tag on a social network.
When someone posts something on a social network.
When someone likes you on Facebook.
When someone follows you on Twitter.
When someone follows you on Instagram.
When a transaction is successfully processed.
When someone wins a prize.
When someone purchases a specific product
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