More about merchant accounts

To use PeopleVine for payment processing, you'll need to first have a merchant bank account.

Check with your bank for specifics, but the following list is an example of what will likely be required to have on your website before your new merchant account can be approved:

  • Contact Information – Physical address (Not a PO Box) and phone number.
  • Products & Pricing – Not all products are required; just a few from your product line.
  • Shipping & Delivery – Must detail your position on time frames and costs.
  • Refund Policy – Must detail your position on refunds for returned items.
  • Privacy Policy – Must detail how information gathered from a customer is going to be used. (See here for a sample from the Better Business Bureau.)
  • Secure Order Page & SSL Site Seal.


For more assistance creating this account, contact and note that you were referred by PeopleVine. See the attachment for sample pricing.


The account signup process will look like this:

1. Fill out the basic information form (coming soon) to get the process started.

2. You will then receive an email from our credit card processing company partner with the full application. 

3. You may also receive a call from our processing representative to go over any open action items (e.g. any items missing from your website, as listed above).

4. After completion of the initial application, it typically takes 3 days for the merchant account to get approved and go live.

5. Once your merchant account is live, we will submit it to for approval. You will then receive an email from to complete their application. Once completed, it will take 24 hours for the account to go live.

6. An email of all of your account numbers and contact numbers will be sent to you.






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