Import Products to your Web Site

Adding products to your eCommerce store is as easy as adding them to a spreadsheet.  Setup your data, link to the photos, put in a category, etc. and we'll automatically import and setup each product for you.    

You can then attach the CSV and we will automatically setup the products with pricing, inventory, attributes, a photo, category and more.  To import your products, follow these steps:

Preparing Your Spreadsheet

  1. Add your data to a spreadsheet, see fields below.
  2. After saving your spreadsheet, select to export or save as a CSV (comma separated value) file type.
    1. With in your spreadsheet, setup the field names in the first row for each column.  
      For example if you want to import the product SKU set that as the column name in Row 1.


Adding/Importing Custom Attributes

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel
  2. Go to the Company Menu
  3. Go to Attributes
  4. Create a new attribute as type Label for each custom attribute you are importing.  See below for standard fields you can import.

  5. Once all the attribute labels are setup, you can now import your data


Importing Data

  1. go to the Company Menu and click on Import Data
  2. Select eCommerce Products from the dropdown and attach your CSV

  3. Your products will then import into the system, setting up any category, pricing, inventory, photo and more.


List of Fields You Can Import

Product Details

  • product_long - Product Title (Long)
  • product_short - Product Short (Short)
  • product_sku - Product SKU
  • unit_type - Product Unit
  • product_type - Product Type (physical, service, digital, bundle, add-on, external)
  • brand - Brand/Manufacturer
  • category - Category Name


  • retail_price - Retail Price
  • sale_price - Sale Price
  • cart_price - Add to Cart Price
  • dealer_price - Dealer Price
  • msrp_price - MSRP Price
  • shipping_fee - Shipping Fee
  • handling_fee - Handling Fee
  • tax_rate - Tax Rate


  • flag_backorders - Allow Backorders (Y or N)
  • flag_limited - Limited Availability (Y or N)
  • on_demand - On Demand (Y or N)
  • lead_time - Lead Time (in days)
  • in_stock - Inventory In Stock


  • product_weight - Proudct Weight in lbs.
  • dimensions_width - Dimensions - Width
  • dimensions_height - Dimensions - Height
  • dimensions_depth - Dimensions - Depth


  • page_keyword - Page Keyword
  • meta_title - SEO: Meta Title
  • meta_description - SEO: Meta Description
  • meta_keywords - SEO: Meta Keywords
  • photo_url - Main Photo
  • photo - Attach Photo

Other Attributes

  • product_above - Parent Product
  • product_description - Product Description
  • product_brief - Product Summary
  • product_flag - Product Flag (featured, frontpage, discontinued, special order)
  • visibility - Visibility (public or hidden)
  • product_link - Product Link
  • external_id - External ID

Your custom attributes

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