How do I clone an existing content block on my page?

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to clone an existing content block/item to make a copy and update.

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel
  2. Go to your page via Engage > Content > Pages >Manage Pages
  3. Find the page you want to edit and launch in Builder
  4. While in the builder, identify the item you want to clone and right click it.  The edit options menu will now display.
  5. Click on Edit Blocks to go into clone/delete mode.
  6. You'll notice as you move your cursor, the builder will highlight that specific block for cloning/deleting.
  7. While moving your cursor, make sure the object you want to clone is highlighted in dark grey and the surroundings in green.  You want to make sure you have the outer most element that you want to clone.

  8. Click on it and click on Duplicate.

  9. This will now create a clone of your item that you can now edit.

  10. Click on "Done Editing" on the toolbar to make the necessary changes. 
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