How do I correlate attribute data with other data in PeopleVine?

Please note, this is an alternative solution to leveraging our filterPeople platform.

If you're looking to match attribute data (such as leads source, gender, etc.) to a specific entity in PeopleVine (such as event attendees, members, etc.) you can do so by leveraging the VLOOKUP feature in Excel.  To perform this comparison, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel
  2. Go to the Company Menu > Reports & Data > Export Data to File
  3. Select the data source you want to export (for example Members)
  4. Select the fields to include and you should include either customer_no or email address to match to the attribute data
  5. Now that this is exported, you will need to export the attribute data
  6. Go to CRM > Analytics > choose either Groups or Filter by Attribute to export the data you want to match.  This will include the customer_no and email address by default
  7. Now that you have both spreadsheets exported, you can now setup the VLOOKUP to pull in attribute data onto the member export.

If you need assistance with performing a VLOOKUP visit Microsoft's VLOOKUP function tutorial.

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