Adding Announcements to the Member Portal

Follow these steps to setup announcements on your member portal.  After you have copied the code below into your home page for the member portal, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Control Panel
  2. Go to Connect > Notifications > On Page Notifications
  3. Create a New On Page Notification
  4. Enter the title and description to display to your users
  5. Set "Where should we display this" to General Use
  6. Set "Enter a Key" to member-portal (this should reflect the key used in your announcements).
  7. Save it

Use this sample code on your site or drag and drop the Announcements snippet in the builder.

<div class="grid-col grid-col_12of12">
	<div class="portal-announcements">
		<div class="portal-heading-bar">
		</div><!-- // .portal-heading-bar -->

		<!-- ==================================================
		 	 ======== Begin 'Todays Announcements' List =======
		 	 ================================================== -->
		<ul class="announcement-list">
			<li class="portal-dropdown" data-pv-component="notification" data-pv-type="on-page" data-pv-parameters="{hideVisibility: true, customer_no: {@customer_no@}, notification_key: 'member-portal', return_total: 5}">
				<span class="announcement-heading" data-pv-element="notification_title">TITLE HERE</span>
				<span class="announcement-details portal-dropdown-target" data-pv-element="notification_text">TEXT HERE</span>
		</ul><!-- // .announcement-list -->
		<!-- ==================================================
		 	 ========= End 'Todays Announcements' List ========
		 	 ================================================== -->
	</div><!-- // .portal-announcements -->
</div><!-- // .grid-col -->
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