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General Info

Check out these articles to get a general understanding on how PeopleVine works and how it can be leveraged to build your brand.

PeopleVine for Industries

We've pulled together some tutorials to help you get started with PeopleVine for your industry or focus. Check them out as there are some best practices and general setup that can be adopted everywhere else too!

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As we make progress and/or release new items, we'll make an announcement here. So check back often for the latest and greatest of PeopleVine. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter at

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Branding and Company Info

These help docs provide information on how to ensure consistent branding and updated information through out your web site and generated experiences.

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Campaign Ideas

Check out some of our out of the box campaign ideas to see how you can start engaging with people in a matter of a few hours.

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Check out these articles to learn more about importing and exporting data.

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We get asked these questions quite a bit, so you'll find some easy ones here. But in reality we get asked a lot of questions and answers are found throughout the various sections of our help portal.

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Getting Started

If you're new to PeopleVine, you'll find these very helpful. Check these articles out to get started.

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Hosting & Infrastructure

Learn more about how and where PeopleVine is hosted and how it's setup to protect you.

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PeopleVine has integrated with several key platforms because the TouchPoint can start or stop at one of these locations.

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We couldn't find a good place for these articles, so they're here.

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Platform Capabilities

This section provides an overview on how to leverage the vast amount of capabilities available within the PeopleVine platform. You'll find tutorials, campaign ideas and more.

Offers and Coupons

Learn how to setup digital offers/coupons to be used to increase sales both online and at your store.

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Analytics and Tracking

We provide a ton of ways to track users as they interact with you through PeopleVine. We've written a few tutorials to help you capture these metrics.

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Text Messaging (SMS)

Learn how to leverage our text messaging platform for further engagement.

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Media & Files

See how to leverage the PeopleVine CDN to add files, setup photo galleries and much more.

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My Account

As people interact with you, we automatically setup a My Account at /account. This allows them to access information, make changes and more.

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Automation with PeopleVine

Check out these tutorials to see how you can leverage PeopleVine's automation to further engage with your consumers.

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Billing Engine

See tutorials on how to leverage the billing engine.

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Businesses / Directory / Affiliates

Learn how to leverage the business directory and advanced features.

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Content Management / Web Pages / Blog

Learn how to leverage the vast amount of CMS tools in the PeopleVine platform to power your web site and landing pages.

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We offer some amazing contests out of the box. Check out these articles to see how they work and how to set them up.

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Leverage the PeopleVine CRM to its fullest capabilities by leveraging these articles.

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Customer Engagement

Here are some great articles on how to engage with your consumers through the PeopleVine platform.

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One of our most powerful engines, you'll find articles on how to leverage the vast amount of features available in PeopleVine eCommerce.

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Events & Ticketing

Learn more about and see how to leverage PeopleVine's Event and Ticketing Engine.

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Loyalty Programs

PeopleVine Loyalty offers some of the most advanced features you'll find in a loyalty program. These articles will help you leverage it to its fullest extent.

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Find tips and tutorials on how to setup digital membership cards with PeopleVine.

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Find tips and tricks on how to create dynamic, personalized and effective newsletters.

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Payments / Transactions

This section will help you setup PeopleVine to start accepting payments and transactions.

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The PeopleVine Scheduler engine can be used for appointments, reservations and more. See how to take advantage of its integrated features.

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Surveys / Forms

Check out these articles to enhance your surveys and forms for a better user experience and/or data capture.

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API / Customization / Advanced

Find articles on how to take full control over the PeopleVine environment including language translations, layout control, jQuery manipulation and much more.

Out of the Box Pages

PeopleVine provides over 60 out of the box pages so you can provide a complete experience for your people in less time. However, we do give you the ability to create your own or customize out of the box pages. Check out these tutorials for more info.

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PeopleVine HTML API Render Engine (HAPI)

The PeopleVine HTML Render Engine allows you to render dynamic HTML within both content pages and newsletters by using the data-pv tags. This section will teach you best practices, share samples and more. We will also refer to this is HAPI.

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Templates and Notifications

PeopleVine provides a series of templates that are leveraged for notifications, content pages and more. Follow these steps to make changes to the default.

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Advanced CSS, JavaScript and HTML

At times you may find CSS/jQuery to help augment the look and feel of your solution, but keep in mind there may be times it breaks due to the structure of our platform. Here are some tips to help you out!

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Tips and Tricks

Leverage this section to learn how to manipulate the platform for specific users, devices and more.

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Working with the PeopleVine API

Follow these tutorials to see how you can build an app powered by PeopleVine.

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Working with Other Frameworks

When leveraging other frameworks within the PeopleVine environment, you may need to make minor adjustments to ensure things continue to work properly.

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Locale Specific / Language

Learn how to setup PeopleVine for a specific region and language.

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Enterprise License Features

Here are some articles on how to get started with an Enterprise license.

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