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Building on PeopleVine vs. Building on Salesforce

The Pain Points of Building on Salesforce
When it comes to buildling on top of an existing platform, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.  In many cases, you'll find that leading SaaS companies and development platforms will be quite competitive in their offerings, but you'll find that PeopleVine's continued investment in building out the platform tools in its core, stands out from the competition who's left that to their partners to deal with.
The report says Salesforce customers see a lot of hidden costs that could turn them away from renewing their contracts.
According to Forrester, Salesforce continues to assess fees for everything from 15% for setting up a staging environment to increased fees for connecting to thier APIs.  This burden of higher costs continues to place a higher cost of ownership for any product built on the Salesforce platform.   
They have different user interfaces and customer databases
Salesforce does not provide a single and simple UI to manage your customer experiences, data sets nor a single view of every interaction across sales, marketing and other consumer engagements.  This provides a larger challenge for developing your platform on top of Salesforce.  You will need to hire developers with experience across all elements in order to get the true view of the customer in your Salesforce based app.
Google it.  There have been countless reports of complex integrations, custom development gone wrong and developers who have incorrectly architected apps on top of the Salesforce dev platform.  Although success on a platform like Salesforce is possible, it may come at a price and time delay.

Building on PeopleVine, a complete platform
For the past 5 years, PeopleVine has continually invested in building out the toolsets and features in order to create a single platform for every interaction.  With these tools in place, we accelerate your development by making key interactions, business logic, reporting, redundancy, security and several additional layers ready without writing a single line of code.
We built the APIs, the Control Panel (to manage/report) and the Portal (to interact with your people)
Companies such as Licentiam (a leading online applications platform serving government and healthcare clients), Ollabout (a unqiue corporate online travel agency who rewards members with cash back on bookings) and others, have selected PeopleVine as their development platform to accelerate their development while lowering implementation and oprational costs.  With PeopleVine they are able to leverage core platform competencies to accelerate their feature rollout.  

For example, Ollabout was able to leverage PeopleVine's scheduling and loyalty engines in order to provide points everytime a booking is confirmed.  This minimized their development time by months, as the capabilities are already part of the PeopleVine Control Panel.
"Salesforce could make sense - but I would never choose it over PV in a million years for a ton of reasons. Mainly it's too big of a machine with too many moving parts and too many updates - not to mention too many data and programmatic layers. It would be double to triple the cost to develop (on Salesforce) not to mention licensing and support after the fact." - Ken from Thin App

Talk to one of our technical leads to see how PeopleVine can accelerate your development.

Build on PeopleVine

  • 500+ API Methods

    Our tools are built on our own set of APIs.  Meaning everything that we can do, you can do better!  We provide you with turn-key end-to-end experiences, but allow you to customize through configuration and/or code.

  • <HAPI>

    Our advanced HTML based programming language called HAPI (HTML API) allows you to output any data from PeopleVine into HTML, XML or any other output as needed.  And it all runs server-side.

  • Build Your App

    Focus on building your UI and UX and leave the business logic, backups, redundancy, security, permissions and more to the PeopleVine API.  So you can spend more time marketing  your product vs. building your product.

  • Any Language

    Our APIs are designed to work with any server side language including .NET, PHP, Ruby and more.  Along with any app platform language such as JAVA, Objective-C, Swift and others.  We support both XML and JSON.

  • JSON or XML

    We support enterprise development by ensuring our APIs can work with both SOAP XML and JSON.  We've ensured that PeopleVine is backwards compatible as well as future compatible to accomodate your needs.

  • Dedicated Team

    Our Client Services will work with you directly to ensure a successful build out of your app on PeopleVine.  We'll provide you with the tech specs, sample code and even help with the testing and validation.

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