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Continuous engagement through
every TouchPoint

Peoplevine is a comprehensive platform to assist you in building lasting relationships by ensuring every interaction helps you to further define your customers needs.

20 Core Competencies.
Turn-key and Out-of-the-Box.

  • CRM
  • SELL


At the core of the platform, PeopleVine tracks every interaction your customers have with your brand both online, in-line and on social. PeopleVine is the only platform to give you real-time visibility of every interaction across over 60 touch points while providing you the tools to build and manage your relationship. No longer do you need to import and export data just to send a newsletter; having everything integrated gives you this data readily available at your fingertips.


Whether you're selling physical products or operating a service based business, PeopleVine's Sell Platform helps you ensure a consistent stream of revenue managed from a single platform. Launch an eCommerce web site in a few clicks, setup recurring billing to ensure you're paid on time or generate new revenue through ticket sales for events as well as locking in a payment for booking an appointment.


Rewarding is key to building a loving relationship between you and your people and PeopleVine helps you reward in more ways than any other platform. Leverage our loyalty and rewards component to encourage your customers to engage further with your brand and then send them an offer as they achieve thier goals.


The most powerful content management system around, providing more out of the box experiences and more control than any other platform without installing a single plug-in. Whether you're powering your brand's web site, micro site for a campaign or just building landing pages to get leads, PeopleVine's comprehensive platform helps you connect and engage in clicks.


Your customers want to connect on their terms via their preferred channel, so you'll need a platform that can chat across these channels. PeopleVine lets you have conversations and communicate via email, text messaging and tweets all from a single location. As well you can easily build and send well-designed email newsletter or simple text message newsletters.

Launch your website. Build your business.

PeopleVine provides 60+ out of the box experiences that are ready when you are. Simply configure a few things and you're live; without any programming.

The most flexible platform.

We know that we can't do everything, although we try to,
so we made PeopleVine ready for your added touch.


We built on our own API's so you can do everything we do but better (over 450 API Methods)


Web Hooks for over 40 TouchPoints so you can sync data live to another system


60+ Out of the Box pages that can be skinned with your style and branding (via HTML and CSS)


JavaScript user exits on every out of the box page for complete control, tracking and more

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Power Your Brand + Business on PeopleVine

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