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Select a Plan to Start Engaging with Your People

Get started using PeopleVine today or reach out to one of our partners for a complete experience.

Build Relationships with TouchPoints

A TouchPoint occurs when someone completes an action and engages with your company.

per month

Established Marketing

  • 10,000 TouchPoints
  • 40,000 Email Credits
  • Email and Online Support
  • Free Bi-Weekly Webinars
  • Access to All 20 Components
  • Robust and Integrated CRM

per month

Brand Marketing

  • 25,000 TouchPoints
  • 100,000 Email Credits
  • Phone, Email and Online Support
  • One-on-One Training
  • Access to All 20 Components
  • Robust and Integrated CRM

per month

Sophisticated Marketer

  • 100,000 TouchPoints
  • 400,000 Email Credits
  • Phone, Email and Online Support
  • On Site Training Available
  • Access to All 20 Components
  • Robust and Integrated CRM

Published TouchPoint rates are purely for out of the box/as-is usage of our platform. Our partners may charge more which may include additional services, customizations or features offered by them.

Continuous Engagement

We believe in proper and targeted continuous engagement to keep your people in the loop, so we do offer higher TouchPoint plans. But before you go down that route, we'd like to connect.


Enterprise License

Forget about TouchPoints and focus on building a stronger relationship with your consumers. Our enterprise license is a dedicated environment where there are no boundaries.


TouchPoints and email credits last throughout your billing cycle. If you exceed your monthly TouchPoint plan, the platform will automatically renew your subscription for another billing cycle, giving you a refresh on your total TouchPoints and email credits. If you do find that this is happening too frequently, you can upgrade your plan to our next level.

PeopleVine support is available for free at http://support.peoplevine.com and via e-mail by clicking on the help icon in the control panel. Plans with phone support and one-on-one demos provide up to 2 hours per month. Additional time is available as part of our support plans.

Peoplevine is ready out of the box, but for the best experience, we recommend you contact one of our partners

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