A Social Candy

Word of mouth has always been the most effective form of advertisement. Mamba fruit chews, under their parent company, Storck, needed to engage their fans on a personal level. Utilizing PeopleVine and its Social Posts module, Storck is able to create Facebook and Twitter posts, including images and links, schedule posts for optimum views, and set up approval processes for management to review activity.

Capture Key Marketing Data

Managing online spend is a relevant task for any marketer. Using PeopleVine to manage views from social media outlets, as well as content developed for your brand, in one dashboard provides a holistic view of your marketing efforts, allowing you the ability to make better decisions faster.

PeopleVine's analytics tools allow real-time reporting on:

  • Landing Page views and statistics

  • Event information and RSVPs

  • Coupon views, downloads and redemptions

  • and more!

Growing Our Likes

Facebook likes are the driving metric for Storck's online media presence. Managing their social media through PeopleVine alone benefits the marketing department greatly, an optimizing reach through an online contest provided the opportunity to show how PeopleVine works flawlessly across all of its tools.

An end-to-end online solution allowed Storck to:

  • Setup a unique scratch-off promotion

  • Collect customer information safely and securely

  • Capture valuable customer data through a survey

  • Connect their social media accounts to track and map customer entries and feedback

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See how Mamba leverages PeopleVine to manage their social networks and keep their followers engaged.

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