Rewarding Their Fans

Live Nation, on behalf of their client Mamba, launched three contests/sweepstakes to giveaway Live Nation Concert Cash, a chance to play live at a Live Nation festival and the chance to interview Breathe Carolina or Pentatonix live!

They chose PeopleVine Contests to launch each one of these interactive mediums as an effort to capture key marketing data on each entry, prevent abuse and provide a new and creative way to interact with their fans.

Instant Win Scratch Off Contest

One of their most interactive contests yet, the Mamba Giveaway Instant Win Game allowed individuals to play an instant win scratch-off game directly from their phone, tablet or desktop. This interactive contest was played over 500,000 times (and was limited to one play, per person per day).

  • Capture key demographic information on your customers before playing
  • Limit the amour of times and how often someone can play
  • Instantly reveal winning message, or present additional marketing material

Battle of the Bands

With real-time voting, the bands competing for a chance to perform live on stage at an upcoming Live Nation festival were able to see where they ranked. Visitors to the site were authenticated by Facebook and were allowed to vote once per day, per band.

  • Real-time voting results
  • Tools to share on social networks to increase votes
  • Facebook authentication and voting limited to once per day, per band

Interview Your Favorite Artist Sweepstakes

With PeopleVine Contests, Live Nation was able to launch their Mamba Rock Reporter Sweepstakes to give one lucky winner a chance to interview either Breathe Carolina or Pentatonix in person. The PeopleVine platform helped them capture contest entries while assuring the information entered was valid.

  • Limit how often someone can enter
  • Randomly select a winner via the contest platform
  • Pair together with a creatively designed front-end for engaging contests

In Good Hands

The PeopleVine Contest platform acts as the bouncer assuring that only authenticated people can play/enter, that they can only play as often as you allow let them and releases prizes based on a pre-defined schedule and/or win ratio. The system can even block certain IP addresses, e-mail addresses or even states to prevent abuse and meet your requirements.

  • Block abuse by setting the IP threshold
  • Require only Facebook authenticated users
  • Set the ratio of winning
  • Set a pre-determined schedule for releasing prizes
Contact Us

The successful campaign ended in September, but if you are interested in seeing them or have questions, reach out to us.

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