Running Everything on PeopleVine

Dan Falcon, a trained boxer and former NFL player, knows how to Get In Shape and dedicates his time to helping others Get In Shape too! Focusing his time on running Falcon Boxing Gym doesn't allow him time to manually charge memberships each month or continually send out newsletters to keep members engaged. That's where PeopleVine comes in!

PeopleVine has helped Dan spend more time focusing on his clients while PeopleVine manages everything from their membership billing, new member sign-ups, class registrations, etc. while automatically engaging members through rewards and automatic campaigns after each time they visit or attend a class.

A Membership Card Always With Them

PeopleVine Memberships provides you with the ability to generate digital membership cards compatible with Apple's Passbook on iPhone and Pass Wallet on Android in addition the ability to register already printed membership cards. This way Falcon Boxing Gym members only need to keep their phone on them to check in, attend classes or even work with a trainer.

  • Digital membership cards for iPhone and Android
  • Register printed cards to a person's membership
  • Gain access to everything with a membership ID

Yoga Anyone?

With the real-time event calendar, members can see when classes are scheduled and even register to attend the class. PeopleVine Events & Ticketing allows you to sell "tickets" to attend the class that are tied directly to the persons membership card. Once viewing an event, they have all the tools necessary to share with colleagues or download a calendar reminder.

  • Real-time calendar of events
  • Sell tickets to attend the class
  • Share with colleagues or add to your calendar

Reward Yourself with A Healthier Life

The best way to keep people engaged and active is to reward them for their behavior. Although many people who want to "Get In Shape" can do this on their own, as it's self rewarding; however others need a little push. With PeopleVine Loyalty & Rewards, Falcon Boxing Gym members get rewarded points for every class they attend, trainer they work with or achievement they reach.

  • Reward people for just about anything
  • Engage people and keep them active with rewards

See how Falcon Boxing Gym currently uses PeopleVine to run their web site, memberships, classes and more. And if you're in the neighborhood, become a member.

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