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PeopleVine was the perfect solution for Choice Living! Their business model covered everything from memberships to recurring billing to marketing to customer relations and finding a provider. That's where PeopleVine came in to offer them an all inclusive platform to deliver and manage every aspect of their business.

Their web site was built via PeopleVine Content, their membership billing was built on PeopleVine Memberships and PeopleVine Recurring Billing, every phone call was tracked via PeopleVine CRM; yep that's right, every aspect of their business was running PeopleVine.

Membership and Recurring Billing

Through combining PeopleVine Membership and PeopleVine Recurring Billing, Choice Living was able to provide their members with both a digital and printable version of their membership card that remained active or expired based on the success off their billing. Meaning they spent less time managing membership card validity and was able to focus on growing their business.

  • Automatically extend or expire a membership based on billing
  • Assure your revenue continues on a monthly basis
  • Renew daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually

Web Site and Conversions was powered entirely by PeopleVine Content including their front page rotating banners, each individual page, the provider directory, sign up page and even the access panel for their members. To top that off, once a member was logged in, the Choice Living team was able to track what provider profiles they viewed, what pages they were most interested in; basically putting a name on every visitor.

With PeopleVine Content, you have the tools to:
  • Manage rotating banners
  • Build and manage content for every page
  • Build out and manage FAQs

In addition by leveraging the PeopleVine Portal you get pre-designed:
  • Business directory with profiles
  • Sign up forms with integrated billing
  • Access panel for your customers

Provider Directory

Part of every membership based business, customers need to know where it can be used. With PeopleVine Locator, you can build out an interactive business directory showcasing where your members can leverage their membership card. Complete with profiles, deals, photos and more, your members get a full detailed picture of the locations they can visit.

  • Location based results on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • A full business directory with everything from hours to staff
  • Turn-key platform for showcasing where your product can be purchased or membership be used

Marketing and Communications

Now that they've captured key information about their customers, pertaining to their profile, doctor visits, browsing history and more, Choice Living was able to leverage this data to continually engage their customer, offer them targeted promotions and assure they continued to renew their membership.

  • Send newsletters via e-mail or via sms
  • Send to specific attributes, groups or completed activities
  • Full control over the design and content
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