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Increase Brand Activations

Before, during and after the event.

PeopleVine provides more ways to connect.

With our integrated platform of continuous engagement tools, we help you track, analyze and engage with people before the event, while they're attending and after the event.


Peek Their Interest

Lets face it, people have choices on who they want to engage with, so it's important you stand out. With the PeopleVine Platform, we can help you educate, engage and reward to close the deal.

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Build a Landing Page

Leverage our out of the box event page, create a landing page or build a micro-site to educate.

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You Won!

Launch an interactive contest or sweepstakes to create excitement around your event.

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Encourage social sharing, brand engagement and feedback to help further promote the event.


They're In. Go for the Closer.

Now that they're at the event, further engage with them to showcase your sponsors, learn preferences and increase participation.

Send a "Welcome"

When they walk in the door, automatically send a welcome text message to share a promo, sponsor or quote.

Drip Information

Throughout the event, drip information to them via e-mail, sms or even a tweet.

Capture Feedback

Throughout the event, place a "scan to interact" to educate and capture feedback on the spot.

Live Interaction

Leverage leaderboards, loyalty, contests and more to increase participation throughout the event.


Reconnect and Target

Don't let the end of the night be the last time you chat, leverage the data captured throughout to further engage.

Social Photos

#tag your photos to add to our curated gallery.

Rate and Review

Encourage sharing feedback with the public to further promote your brand.

A Little Something

Leverage your partners to share an offer or opportunity after the event.

Upcoming Events

The perfect audience to share your upcoming events with.

Ready to take PeopleVine for a spin?

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