PeopleVine, a new kind of software for the Age of the Customer.

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What is PeopleVine?

PeopleVine provides over 60 experiences ready out of the box to engage with your consumer.  We provide the tools, reports, my account, api and data to support your business at every touchpoint.

Now it's your turn to connect, engage and transact with your customer before, during and after in-person and online experiences.

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Communicating with your customers is the most impactful way to build a connection. PeopleVine gives you the tools to build more touch points with your audience both online and in person.


Engaging your customer in an informed way creates loyalty. PeopleVine gives you the tools to capture demographic, behavioral and transactional data, allowing you to identify your most engaged and loyal customers. This provides insights that lead to even more personalized engagement.


Transacting with your customer effortlessly, creates a better experience and increases value. PeopleVine enables you to manage revenue generating aspects of your business or program.

We were able to launch an interactive scratch-off contest for our 50th Anniversary Celebration. Through that campaign, Rosati's Pizza was able to capture over 23,000 customer profiles by rewarding players with exciting offers, prizes, and more, thus growing our customer database.

Anthony M. Rosati, Rosati’s Pizza

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