Events & Promotions

Manage every aspect of your events before, during and afterwards.

Our event module provides a turnkey solution to successfully promote events from one place. Manage announcements, registration, scanning tickets at the door and more. You’ll create a seamless event, drive attendance and have the tools to communicate with attendees.

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Easily promote your event in one spot.

Create a landing page to promote and sell tickets, manage RSVPs and then share the event through social media channels.

Manage all of the details for your event.

Control over ticket sales, RSVP management, registration and information will be right at your fingertips.

Utilize the latest promotional tools.

Add tools with one-click sharing to promote an event quickly and easily through social media channels.

Keep the lines of communication open.

Send reminders and crucial information to ticket holders before the event, then solicit reviews and suggest similar events after it is over.

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Events & Promotions Features

  • All event details organized in one place

  • Utilize a turn-key website to display event, registration and ticket sales

  • Event pages created for easy customer sign-up

  • Tools to enhance and communicate events, such as social media, text message, event ticketing and newsletter

  • Promotions integrated with customer profiles

  • Communication with attendees or specific groups before, during and after the event

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