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White Paper: Brand Reach and Loyalty through PeopleVine People Vine

In a sea of advertisements both online and offline, making your brand stand out can be a cumbersome and expensive activity. In many cases when leveraging traditional banner to landing page advertisements your conversion rate tends to be quite low as there’s no motivation to interact with the potential consumer/loyalist. With PeopleVine, we provide you with the necessary tools to engage your people, convert leads, automate marketing and ultimately create loyalty. By leveraging the recommended plan, we (PeopleVine) will help you create a long-lasting impression on your “people”.

Engage People

Start by engaging your audience through one or several of the following interactive means:

  • Create a Contest to reward them for providing key information.
  • Offer them a coupon or exclusive promotion in exchange for contact info and feedback.
  • Ask them for feedback or to complete a survey in order to target them as individuals.
  • Get them to rate and review your product/brand to make them feel part of something.

Once you have them engaged with your brand the key is to convert them into a consumer.

Convert Leads

Leveraging the PeopleVine platform, we can help you convert an ordinary browser into a paying consumer with the following:

  • Leverage the platform to sell tickets to an upcoming event directly from their phone, tablet or desktop.
  • Bill them on a recurring basis with subscriptions and services, perfect for memberships, “of the month” clubs or even VIP access.
  • Convert even more effectively with landing pages optimized for SEO and information capture.
  • Drive them to the nearest retailer or location leveraging the business directory.

Now that you have built your “people” database, whether they are a consumer, fan, patron or follower, it is important you always keep in touch.

Automate Marketing

Staying top of mind can be an exhaustive task, with the overwhelming amounts of reach already out there today from your competitors. When leveraging the automated marketing components of PeopleVine, we help streamline that process.

  • Retain your consumers by scheduling and sending strategic newsletters and text messages that target a specific audience, not a mass market.
  • Continue to share your brand’s message on Facebook, Twitter and more with social posts.
  • Build a campaign to automatically send continued coupons, promotions, newsletters, text messages and more to your consumers, either in a timeline or based on interaction.

It is key to continue building your relationship with your “people” to help retain them as a valued consumer.

Create Loyalty

Now that you have them hooked, keep them hooked with our various tools that help build and retain brand loyalty.

  • Reward them with points and prizes for everything they do through loyalty and rewards.
  • Put their membership card, loyalty card or VIP card directly on their phone with digital membership cards that pop up when they’re nearby your business.

Keeping your consumer loyal to your business is key to continued growth, both with your existing consumers and their friends, family and followers. By leveraging the integrated components of PeopleVine to execute your brand strategy, you will make and continue a lasting impression.

By: Jordan Gilman, CEO of PeopleVine

Dated: July 2, 2013

Sign up today at PeopleVine.com or contact us at (888) 843-8259.

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